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Chatuchak Weekend Market

Because our first day was a saturday we were able to go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market has over 5,000 stalls and it occupies ~35 acres.  We wandered through to see what it was like.  It is indoors with narrow aisles and all kinds of things were sold there.  Clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, food, food to eat, plants, pet equipment, tools - you name it and it probably can be found there. Many shops were specialized - e.g. there would be a shoe stall that only sold flip flops or a clothing stall that just sold t-shirts. I bought one of the miniature sewing machines that looked so cool - I haven't tried it out. There was a map depicting the various regions but it was easy to get lost - pity the poor person who want to return to a stall they visited a few minutes before. It is mostly indoors - must be an interesting ghost town during the week. There was a map depicting the various regions but it was easy to get lost. Here is an interactive map.

This gorilla was seen from the train on the way:

Click here for slide show:
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