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Count Down Walk light timer in Siem Reap

I thought these were pretty clever.  Many of the traffic lights - for both pedestrians and cars - had count down timers.

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They have them here in some places too—the intersection at High Holborn and Kingsway, for example. I like them although most people pay them no attention and dash across no matter how few seconds are left.

Philadelphia & NYC too, and many other cities in the US, I don't doubt. But I've never seen the animations before; in case you can't read numbers? or just a further encouragement? Nor have I seen them for cars.

Ah, I didn't actually watch the video, just looked at the numbers. There is no animation on the ones here.

almost all traffic light intersections have pedestrian countdowns on 'em in Canada - makes it easier on the drivers too, you can tell just how stale that green light is.

er, make that "Toronto", not "canada" - my geographic experience isn't nearly wide enough to talk for the whole country

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