JWG (jwg) wrote,

six and a half hours later - lots of talk no definitive results

We watched every minute of the Constitutional Convention - debate on substitution amendments.

First, a last minute amendment by the evil speaker Finneran (who has prevented various Domestic Partnership bills from getting to the floor in the past) which was a DOMA + the possibility of civil unions/ 3 hours until it failed about 98 to 100 (199 eligible voters) - various people expressed their distrust for Finneran in their arguments.

Then an amendment by the Senate President that was DOMA plus defining CUs for same sex people where they were to be equivalent to marriage in conditions and rights, etc. It failed 94 to 104. There were some surprising yesses on this such as my lovely gay Senator Barrios but I'm sure there was a strategy to this vote because he is a strong NO on any amendment person.

If either the above passed there are still many more stages left with amendment opportunity before it gets ready to wait until the next legislature. They adjourned until noon tomorrow noon.

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