JWG (jwg) wrote,

Bagan - first look

We arrived at Bagan via airplane from Yangon. This is an area with a huge amount of pagodas of all types.  Included in this set are a bunch of pictures of truck-busses, a common form of public transportation in Myanmar. They are usually small pickup trucks with a roof and they get crammed with riders.  I saw as many as 30 people crowded in and on one. There was usually a low bench on each side and some very small stools under these benches for people to sit on but when they were crowded it was just like a tin of sardines. Someone standing on the rear collects money from the riders. There is a larger truck with a large number of young monks in this set - but that size was exceptional.

Click for slide show:

Video of the musicians on a truck bus.
Tags: asia2013, myanmar, travel

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