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Passing some more fishermen on the way to a village

We were now off to another village on Inle Lake - passing by some fishermen on the way - some with their huge trap/nets.  One of them had just caught a fish and showed it to us as we passed. And then we passed a Post Office on stilts in a somewhat isolated place; I doubt if many people around there get mail. I gave a copy of the PO picture to the Cambridge Postmaster and a couple of her deputies and they got a big kick out of it.  Going through the channel into the village we passed a bunch of white Stupas and another Pagoda. You can see some of the docks and one of the bridges that crossed the channel.

Click here for slide show or below for Set:

Here is a video of the fisherman who showed us his fish

Here is a 3:45 minute video of what I saw as our boat travelled through the channel

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By the way, at lunch the previous day one of the dishes was a whole fish stuffed with various yummy things, and we wondered if it was locally caught. Well, the fish that the fisherman was showing us in those pictures looked a lot like the one that we'd eaten the day before, so I guess the answer was yes.

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