JWG (jwg) wrote,

Burmese Cat Village and Floating Gardens

It was getting time to go to lunch and we were going to the Burmese Cat's Café at the Burmese Cats Village. On the way to the boats we passed one of the overpacked truck busses. We passed lots of boats carrying various kinds of goods; also passed a variety of buildings on stilts.

We were at the edge of the floating gardens. The floating gardens consist of large clumps of grass anchored in the lake by bamboo poles and various kinds of crops get grown here. This is a significant portion of Myanmarese agriculture.  It seems like a good system; irrigation is automatic; people can use boats to tend to the crops/  And since the lake height varies during the year because of intense rainy season and intense dry season  these fields can just rise and fall automatically.

Click here for slide show, or below for set of pictures:
Tags: asia2013, inle lake, myanmar, travel

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