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Us May 09

Found on a table at JP Licks

Last night after the Contra Dance a bunch of us went to JP Licks as we usually do. When I went to move a nearby table to the set we were occupying I found this intriguing list lying on the table.

What is Stoltzfus? There is a yogurt brand...

When I turned it over it was a specially formatted unused punched card. I wonder how old it was. I googled MATC and found Milwaukee Area Technical College. On the card was Albany refund? there is an Albany, WI but it is pretty far away from Milwaukee.


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do not fold, spindle, or mutilate this card

not so much a punch card as a marksense card, in customised format. I answered many multiple-guesschoice on those beasties. And I notice the unconventional clipped corner -- usually that was top-LEFT, not right.

I haven't laid eyes on a card in that size and shape for many years. (nibbling on madeleine biscuit here)

As I remarked at the time, if our lives were a work of detective fiction, this card would be an absolute treasure trove of important clues.

690/481 are Interstate highways in Syracuse, NY, for what little that's worth...

Which suggests that the "Albany refund" field refers to the capital of New York.

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