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moi 1946

Farmer in the Sky

Several weeks ago I read about a future expedition to colonize Mars. This made me request from the library Farmer in the Sky, by Robert Heinlein, a tale about colonizing Ganymede. I read lots of Heinlein's kids books then; this was one of my favorite books.

On the trip out on the Mayflower, Bill the youth and first-person in the book, writes about school. I loved the highlighted sentence below that was in this excerpt of a paragraph:
Each class consisted of about two dozen kids and some adult who knew something about something. (You'd be surprised how many adults don't know anything about anything!) The grown up would talk about what he knew best and the kids would listen, then we would ask questions and he would ask questions. No real examinations, no experiments, no demonstrations, no stereos.

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I love that book. I read it years ago.

Heinlein is my favorite author.

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