JWG (jwg) wrote,

Took the canoe out on the Annisquam River

Now summer is officially here for us.

The weather turned good so it was time to take out the canoe. Brought it down to the right-of-way - called West Landing - to the Annisquam River and we paddled around the island (Merchant's Island or Pearce Island). It was near high tide - a necessity to get through the channel at the south end of the island. This river is really a tidal inlet. High tide is usually 9 - 10 ft but can be 12 and low tide can be as little as -1. I read that before the channel was dredged in 1910 you could walk from West Landing to the island. Pearce built houses for rent. People live there during the summer in the ~10 houses and go by boat - there is a parking lot for house owners/tenants.

A rarity for around here during the summer was that there were almost no boats out - probably due to the poor weather earlier today. There were more egrets than boats. We saw some gulls and a cormorant as well.
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