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the Bread machine

Three weeks ago we went off to to Kitchen Etc. to get a new electric frying pan because the coating inside was cracked. We didn't like what they had, but they had a Bread machine Bread Machine on sale for $49. After a bit of dithering between rsc and me for this huge investment we bought it.

Since then we've made a loaf of bread just about every day (we eat lots of bread). In addition to the recipe book that came with the machine, I borrowed one from the library: More Recipes for your Bread Machine Bakery. Almost every loaf has been a different recipe and they've all been pretty good. It is so easy - 5 minutes of preparation and then either one hour with the quick cycle or 3 hours and a bit with the white cycle. They aren't all perfectly formed and the 1 hour resulted in a couple of slightly underdone centers (easily fixed in the toaster).

We've had beer bread, light rye, garlic pumpernickel, Wheatena® bread, 7 grain, whole wheat, spiced apple granola, light onion rye, whole wheat zucchini, cinnamon raisin, Anadama and perhaps a couple of others.

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The bread machine is a wonderful invention.

Tim and I highly recommend the bread-machine cookbook we use: The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook: 101 brand-new, irresistible, foolproof recipes for family and friends, by Tom Lacalamita. Despite the hype of the title, it's an excellent collection, and the layout is spare and very readable. I think I picked it up in the cookbook aisle at Stop & Shop, so it shouldn't be hard to find. :-)

They aren't all perfectly formed...

After a lot of experimentation, we realized we were happier using our bread machine to do the kneading and rising, and then plopping the dough into bread pans or muffin tins or onto a baking sheet and baking it in the oven. I especially like doing cloverleaf rolls that way.

the Bread machine

Chris from London here. I've been trying to get Wai-Liang to let me buy a bread machine for a while. They're much cheaper here than they were and your experience really gets me going, as proper pumpernickel is impossible to get here.

There is a mailing list called "bread-bakers" that has mostly bread machine recipes. Pvt e-mail will elicit a search for the subscription information if you're interested. I have two-three years back issues that I could zip up and send you if you'd like the kit-and-caboodle.


Chris H.

fine, fine, i'll come and visit again. sheesh, the lengths to which some people will go!

IOW, yum! use it in good health.

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