JWG (jwg) wrote,

the Bread machine

Three weeks ago we went off to to Kitchen Etc. to get a new electric frying pan because the coating inside was cracked. We didn't like what they had, but they had a Bread machine Bread Machine on sale for $49. After a bit of dithering between rsc and me for this huge investment we bought it.

Since then we've made a loaf of bread just about every day (we eat lots of bread). In addition to the recipe book that came with the machine, I borrowed one from the library: More Recipes for your Bread Machine Bakery. Almost every loaf has been a different recipe and they've all been pretty good. It is so easy - 5 minutes of preparation and then either one hour with the quick cycle or 3 hours and a bit with the white cycle. They aren't all perfectly formed and the 1 hour resulted in a couple of slightly underdone centers (easily fixed in the toaster).

We've had beer bread, light rye, garlic pumpernickel, Wheatena® bread, 7 grain, whole wheat, spiced apple granola, light onion rye, whole wheat zucchini, cinnamon raisin, Anadama and perhaps a couple of others.

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