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Our first day in Paris (Sept 16, 2013)

We took a late non-stop from Boston to CDG, arriving at about 11am so as to avoid arriving too early and not being able to check into our apartment. They served dinner at about midnight - which we skipped (should have been a snack at most and a better breakfast).

We rented a small 1 bedroom apartment in the 6th. It was at 17 Rue des Grands Augustins amidst a lively neighborhood, near Metro/RER stops, Notre Dame, restaurants of all types, shops, and the Seine. A quick RER ride from CDG to the Saint Michel stop got us there easily. This apartment's kitchen was an alcove with fridge, microwave, a 2 burner stovetop, coffee maker and hot water kettle, plenty of dishware, cutlery, cookware, and limited storage. Some of the other apartments we considered had better kitchens but our plan was to only do breakfast and we liked this location the best. It was great choice.

After checking in - the landlord met us at the apartment, we went out for a bit of lunch. Then we wandered around the neighborhood for a while looking for a supermarket to get breakfast supplies. We couldn't find one. When we went back to the apartment a quick Google search showed there was a large Carrefour that we passed by in our jet lagged state while on the other side of the street looking at the fruit and vegetable market. We did walk around a lot and especially along the Seine.

Here is a Georges Seurat view of the river.

And now a few words about the river. The Seine is a 776 km river going through Paris with 37 bridges crossing it and ending up in the English channel. It is navigable and there were lots of boats (working, living, tourist) along the sides. Note the pictures in the set below. I particularly liked the boat with the bicycles parked on deck and the rat preventers on the bar that was used to attach the boat to the land.

Click here for some pics of boats, some love locks on Pont des Arts, and our dinner restaurantParis2013FlickrSetSept16
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