JWG (jwg) wrote,

Went to our first RedSox game this year - we're 1-0

This was a Red Sox / Yankees game. The ballpark was jumping with lots of Yankees Suck chants, tremendous booing of Jeter and ARod. Over 35,000 people with lots of standing room fans so it was noisy and exciting.

We weren't in our usual seats, having bought this pair in the special ticket sale for seasons ticket holders. These were closer to being behind the plate - still row 10 which for those don't know is still pretty far away since in front of the grandstand seats are the two kinds of box seats. The home plate umpire had what seemed to be a completely unpredictable strike zone and there were some extra walks. What should have been an easy 8th inning for the Sox wasn't because Manny dropped a pretty routine fly ball and then there were several walks to load the bases, but fortunately no-one scored because Embree was brought in to relieve Williamson.

It was a good start to the season. Our next game isn't until May 10 when it will be warmer. It was about 40 degrees and I wore long underwear and didn't complain to rsc once about the cold, not counting my comment about the cold when we walked to the T, and my hypothetical question about if I complained that it was too warm in the T could I subtract 1 from the complaint count which he'd predicted would be about 70.

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