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Some Paris shops that we passed by

I always enjoy looking in shop and gallery windows and as I pass them in foreign countries. There were lots of them in our neighborhood - selling some pretty weird stuff. Look at the phone cases or those shirts. What I didn't see as we did in Florence when we were there (returning in the spring) were highly priced (>200 Euros) distressed jeans. But there were plenty of expensive clothes and various unpriced items which were surely high.

Click here for pictures

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In case anyone is wondering what that thing in the second and third pictures is, the answer is that we have no idea. In fact, if I remember correctly, it was in a window that had no visible door associated with it, and no signage of any kind.

Also, in case it wasn't clear: All of those "pastries" are phone cases.

Under French law, stores are required to display the price of objects in the window. Retailers circumvent this sometimes by posting a card that says, "Vitrine en cours de realisation" to indicate that display is not yet finished to justify not showing the prices.

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