JWG (jwg) wrote,

A visit to the St Ouen Flea market - Sept 22

On Sunday morning we went off to the flea market in St Ouen, a northern suburb of Paris. It is huge - actually a set of about 14 of them; there's been something there for about 200 years. To me it wassort of going to a museum without signs or captions. We didn't buy anything - since we already have too much stuff.

I did look carefully through a set of old automobile manuals looking for one for a Simca Cinq. I had a 1947 Simca Cinq (actually a French assembled version of the Fiat 500 affectionally called the topolino - little mouse - or Mickey Mouse car). But they had none although there were others of similar vintage.

Click here for pictures:
Tags: france, paris, paris2013, travel
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