JWG (jwg) wrote,

Notre-Dame de Paris - Sept 24

On our next to last full day in Paris we went to the nearest places to our apartment: Notre-Dame and Sainte-Chapelle. Wonderful places to visit; I've been there many times - never missed Notre-Dame on a trip to Paris. So of course, too many pictures. Flying buttresses, statuary, stained glass, gargoyles, garden in rear. The line was too long so we didn't climb the tower this time.

Construction of Notre-Dame started in 1163 and was essentially completed 1240's with some more stuff from 1250-1345. (That's about how it seems that some minor public works projects take to complete these days). I read that new bells designed to replicate the original bells' sound have been installed this year; the largest one which remains from the past is called Emmanuel and weighs 13,271 kg. It tolled in 1944 when French and Allied troops started the retaking of Paris.

Click here for pictures:
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