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Near Notre Dame is Sainte-Chapelle, another gorgeous medieval Gothic chapel. It is close to Notre Dame, although located behind the portals of the Palais de Justice - which means extra security. It's a must-see in my book. The first time I went to it I toured the main room which was quite beautiful but was surprised that it had so little stained glass. Then I found the staircase to the upper story with a room with magnificent windows. A few years ago I was talking to someone who had been there and didn't know about the upper story. Unfortunately there was some scaffolding on one side of the upper chamber. (Can't they build these things to last?)

Click here for pictures:

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Glad you did find the second story. The stained glass is impressive!

Interestingly, the first time I went to Ste.-Chapelle (sometime in the 1980s), some of the windows were obscured by scaffolding or plastic sheeting. I guess restoration is something of a constant for these places.

But one thing that struck me on this trip was that at both Notre Dame and Chartres, the west-facing rose window was partially or entirely obscured by organ pipes. I do not recall this being the case on any of my previous visits, so I assume this has to do with restoration or rebuilding of the organs. Yeah, I know the pipes have to go somewhere, but really? The western rose window?

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