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moi 1946

My birthday celebration

MoiBday75Saturday was the occasion of my 75th birthday and I celebrated it at Dance Camp. What a blast. At lunch in the dining hall with the ~100 attendees singing Happy Birthday a huge cake was brought in. (Only about 10 candles so I had no problem blowing them out). And a fancy balloon was tied to the back of my chair. Lots of individual HBs at various times during the day and on the dance floor. This was the best birthday party I have ever had.

Dance camp (Contra dance and English Country Dance (ECD)) is always great fun. We have them twice a year and my first one was in the fall of 1997 and I haven't missed one since then. Lots of fun, smiling faces and laughter galore. Many people come frequently, some of whom also dance regular in JP where we have 2 Contras and 2 ECDs every month.

A video taken by Doug Heacock of one of the Contra Dances at dance camp. You can see how much fun it is.

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Welcome to Age 75! (I am leaving on 28 October.)

I am glad you had a Happy birthday!

75 is good!

I am 56-it may seem young to you, but it is the oldest I have ever been. LOL!

A belated Happy Birthday! By chance, do you know my friend Chip Prince?

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