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Robert's birthday card

Robert Egg


On the occasion of your birth

Happy Birthday

Love John

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That's awesome. Where did you take that photo?

Happy birthday, Robert!

Thanks. It was in the little zoo in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. They have quite a few of these, um, interactive displays (which are designed for people rather smaller than either of us), and jwg took advantage of most of them for photographic silliness.

He turned this one into an actual card, too, and left it for me in the Gloucester mailbox.

what a fabulous picture! happy belated, robert!

Happy birthday, Robert!! Mid-May birthdays are the best. :-)

Thanks. The exciting thing about a mid-May birthday is that you never know if you'll get glorious spring weather (as tradition would predict), cool drizzle (like today) or midsummer heat (which is what I actually got).

....just precious!

Now we know the answer to THAT question!

hee hee

That's just so sweet.
Happy birthday Robert!!!

I'm assuming those are chicken-hawk eggs?

Happy birthday Robert!!!


I'm assuming those are chicken-hawk eggs?

The phrase "sweet and sour" was invented just for you, wasn't it?

Huh. I thought he sprang full-formed from Jupiter's forehead.

Anyway, my best wishes to him.

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