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Post Thanksgiving walk

On Friday a bunch of us gathered at Chris Ricciotti's and John Burrows' house for a post Thanksgiving feast. Before we dined we went for a walk in the Norris Reservation in Norwell, Ma. We'd been there last year as well. It was getting near dusk and the autumn light was beautiful This time there were the most incredible ice formations on Gordon Pond which is part of the Reservation. It looks like the water level was lowering while the ice formed as well as possibly some wind that caused some of the reeds and trees poling through to vibrate and the result was like an exhibition of artwork. The pond is fed by the the North River which runs into the ocean and thus has some tidal effect. The area was a source for lots of lumber during shipbuilding days which shipyards along the river. It is estimated that over 1,000 boats were built along the river during the two centuries ending after the Civil War.

Near the beginning of the trail we found a couple of trees that were decorated. There were a bunch of drawings scattered about illustrating "I know a woman who swallowed a …" There were a couple of pieces of tree branch that looked as if they suspended above the ice. And there were several spots of iridescent reflections.

Click here for pictures:
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