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Christmas 2013

It is a nice Christmas day at our house.

WCRB (local classical public radio) is playing nice music - Handel's Messiah earlier and Bach's Christmas Oratorio later. I've had enough Christmas carols - it's time to find a nice Israeli classical radio station for this season - (of course we could play CD's since we have lots of them - some records too)...And we did use a CD for Britten's Ceremony of Carols during dinner.

The people all came down to look at the tree. We have an attendance list to make sure nobody gets forgotten - very important for the summer migration.


We exchanged presents. I gave Robert one of his last night because it was an egg poacher which we used this morning. I gave him an instant-read thermometer and an Easter Island Moai ice tray. He gave me an instant-read thermometer and a fuzzy fox tree ornament. The instant-read thermometers were different brands. (I overcooked one recently).

Christmas dinner is later - shrimp cocktail and Robiola Due Latti - an italian soft cheese for hors d'oevres; Dancing Coyote Petite Sirah; oven roasted potatoes, stuffed Rock Cornish Game Hen, sautéed squash, salad; and pear & blackberry tart. The tart is Robert's mother's recipe - written in her handwriting that we make frequently with various kinds of fruit. The china is my mother's - actually her mother's so it might be 100 years old.

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Looks lovely!

Merry Christmas!

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