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Places I'd like to travel to

We really like traveling outside of the United States and Canada. I've been thinking that you never know when health issues will start impacting enjoyment so I made a list of places I'd like to go to. If we tried to go to all these places in 5 years it would be at least 5 trips a year which is a bit too much. And you never know where an enticing Ken McFarland trip will take us, or what I've forgotten, or discover when looking at pictures. And I've probably forgotten some. (* on this list means never been there.)

Conques (my 5th visit to this lovely small village)
Paris (I could go here every year)
River Cruise in south of France *
Provence *

some small mountain towns *
Basque country *

Scotland *
small islands off Scotland *
Lands End *
Wales *

Tuscany – rent a house

Other Europe
Prague *
Budapest *
Malta *

Russia (some day when is OK to be gay, if ever)
Moscow *
St Petersburg *

Central/South America
Mexico - especially Yucatan *
Columbia - Bogata
Ecuador - Quito
Amazon/Orinoco Jungle *
Venezuela (Caracas, Angel Falls) *

Asia / Pacific
Thailand (esp Chiang Mai *)
Tahiti *
Australia *
New Zealand (south part of South island and Steward Island *)
Hawaii - big island *

Middle East / Africa
Turkey (Istanbul & Cappadocia) *
Morocco *

The two most striking places that I saw pictures of in the past were Machu Picchu and Cappadocia; We went to Machu Picchu in 2010). Caracas because my father took many business trips there. Angel Falls because my 5-8th grade geography teacher, John Seeger (brother of Pete), and Camp Director where I was a camper and counselor used to tell a wonderful story about Jimmy Angel).
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