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The Sargent exhibit at the MFA

Last monday we went to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the John Singer Sargent watercolor exhibit (closing on the 20th). It is essentially the set of their and the Brooklyn Museum's extensive collections. It really was wonderful. A few of his oils were there, but I liked the watercolors better. In one room there were a set of Moroccan paintings and the style was really quite different to reflect the appearance of the people and the surroundings. There were a bunch of paintings that he did while on a trip to the Simplon Pass (6,528 ft).

There was a video but we didn't have time to see it. As it happens I went back on Thursday to meet someone for lunch and went to the see the video afterward. It is is a study by an artist, Monika deVries Gohlke, who discusses his technique and step by step makes a copy of the painting to illustrate what he must have done. It was very interesting and you can see it here.

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Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

I love Sargent's work, but haven't seen his watercolours. (The only time I really think about how nice it would be to be rich is when I discover there is an art exhibition on somewhere; it would be wonderful to be able to just book a plane ticket and go to see if for myself.)

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