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Cambridge Library

Books I currently have from the Library

These are the books I have from the library at the moment:

Turkey - Lonely Planet
Turkey 2012
A time of gifts: on foot to Constantinople: from the hook of Holland to the Middle Danube by Patrick Leigh Fermor
Florence & Tuscany
Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Somaliland

We are contemplating a trip to Turkey one of these days, going to Tuscany in the spring, and probably going to Ethiopia in the late fall (Ethiopia might include a stopover in Istanbul).

Worlds End by Upton Sinclair
Between Two Worlds by Upton Sinclair -- on the way to my library

The latter two are not exactly travel books. The are the first two volumes of the twelve volume Lanny Budd series bu Upton Sinclair that I read with great enjoyment almost 60 years ago because my parents really liked them. They are a form of historical novel taking place from just before World War I until after World War II. Lanny is the son of a socialite French woman and a US munitions maker. His parental connectional and French residence gets him very involved as a diplomatic assistant to various government people in key European situations. In Worlds End, the last section is a fascinating account about the postwar peace conference and the complete chaos and mess caused by disagreement of the various national participants (it makes the son-to-happen Syrian crisis meeting look tame). I finished the first one and liked it just as much as I did when I first read it so I plan on reading them all again.

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Sounds like a great year of travel!

I was in Addis Abbaba more than two decades ago; I'd love to hear about your adventures if you go there.

I think it now mainly depends on whether enough of the other "likely suspects" are interested to make the trip happen.

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