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Last night we in bed with the lights out and in spite of the "lights out, no talking" rule, the people in bed were talking about all the chores they did. They never say exactly what chores they do, but claim they are exhausted from doing them. And then rsc said oops, we forgot to do our chores: take out the garbage and recycling. And so out of bed in bathrobes collecting and taking the stuff out to the street. And of course we'll never hear the end of this from our crew.

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You might try pointing out that since one of *their* chores is (presumably) supervising *your* chores, they seem to have fallen a little short lately and perhaps they'd better step up their game a little bit. When you forget something it can't help but reflect badly on them.

In other news, our bed gets made every day by our elder cat, although sometimes I am allowed to help him.

Good point. Of course, winning an argument with these folks is an uphill battle at best.

"Well If YOU had reminded us in time, we wouldn't have had to get up after we were in bed to deal with the recycling. It's all YOUR fault.

"Unless YOU want to take over the recycling duties...?"

Call the bluff, I say. I've had to take that tack more than once with my guys, but delivered in the appropriate tone of voice (and, preferably, looking at them over the top of the glasses), it seems to work chez me.

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