JWG (jwg) wrote,

Surprise fallout from May 17

On sunday night a couple of hours before going down to city hall for the festivities, the phone rang and the caller said, "John this is a voice from the past". I didn't recognize it and turns out it was quite the past. It was JR, a good friend/classmate from MIT who I hadn't seen or talked to since 1960!

We chatted a while to catch up. I don't think we have much in common except our 45 years ago friendship, but it was fun talking to him. He was in contact with a few of our other classmates/friends. When I asked him why he called me at this time, the conversation evolved to the fact that he had found me on the web because he was looking to find people he used to know, discovered that I was gay and lived in cambridge and therefore this prompted him to call me at this time.

When we discussed the marriage issue and the fact that rsc and I are going to marry soon he said something like: I personally believe that marriage is for one man and one woman, but I think it is great that gay people are now able to get married and congratulations on your plans - yes I know this is cognitive dissidence, but with my psychology background I'm used to that.

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