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Guana Island 2014

Last week we went to Guana Island, a private island resort in the British Virgin Islands. It is an 850 acre island with at most 30 guests. It has a bunch of beaches, White Beach is the main one for swimming and snorkeling. There is an 800+ ft hill and a smaller peak and a bunch of hiking rails. The guest cottages and dining area are partly up the hill. They run vehicles up and down to carry guests but we always walk - considering the food, it is necessary. Meals are family style so there is lots of mixing of people. The food is good and just about all the other guests are nice. When we arrived it was pretty full because the owner had an entourage there. Later in the week it was a smaller group and we ate all meals together. It is very expensive and absolutely delightful. This was our 20th visit to this place over 33 years (and not the last). There are many repeat guests.

It is called Guana Island because there is this rock structure that you can see as you approach the island that looks like an Iguana Head. The owner is into conservation. There are a large number of almost extinct rock iguanas roaming around the island. This time we only saw one of them. There is a salt pond with a small flock of flamingos. In October they have scientists' month; among other things they have been experimenting with planting new coral on the reefs.

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