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Guana Island 2014 Wildlife

There are a bunch of feral sheep wandering around the island. We saw several instances of them - although as I attempted to get near they ran away. The prior owners were trying to be self sufficient so they imported some sheep but many of them escaped.

And there are the iguanas and the flamingos. Every time we passed the pond we'd count to make sure all the flamingos were there - this year there were 8, I think then last time there were 7. The pond is too small for them to breed but they breed on Anagada, a nearby island.

Also there is a donkey - his mate died recently - there are usually two. When you get near their field they come over to the fence and request snacks. They are now fenced in but used to wander around and among other things eat people's books that they left out in the open. Years ago - before the current ownership - some people used to round donkeys up the hill.

Click here for some of the wildlife:

They had a huge orchard down on the flats. Each time we go it seems to be larger. Papayas, mangos, bananas, limes and other fruit that they serve how there. A sign said there are 5 varieties of bananas. They are also cultivating lots of flowering plants that they have sprinkled around the orchard. Years ago the owner found chinese gardener (Dr. Liao) to handle the orchard and plantings around the site. He has since retired but several disciples are there and apparently take direction from him. If you want they give you a guided tour - we didn't this time but have done so before. And then there is the guard dog...

Click here for the orchard:
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