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Nostalgia Time

I have just looked at / converted from VHS to my computer 3 old tapes. The first was a lecture I gave in 1986 about the Multics Project to a bunch of people in the division of Honeywell where we about to launch a new project with them.

The second was an interview with my Mother on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the school she had gone to - don in 1997 shortly before she died.

The third was a Revels, Inc sponsored concert in tribute to Marleen Montgomery that took place in 1987. Marleen was the director of Quadrivium, an early music group that I was a member of from ~ 1973-1986. Many groups of musicians performed - all of whom were students of hers and many were in the Quadrivium. The last piece was a Mass by Pierre de la Rue with many Quadrivium members directed by Marleen. I name my computers after renaissance composers and my iPad is named Pierre de la Rue

I also have a tape of another Multics lecture I gave to the local ACM/IEEE chapter in 1989. In this and the other Multics lecture there are lots of questions / comments by project members.

These or excerpts will get onto Youtube soon…

Next week at the Project MAC (MIT) 50th anniversary event there is a Multics session. I am chairing a panel (have some work to do for this) that is part of the Multics session.

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The LJ icon in the above post is what I looked like in those days.

What you looked like ~1976. 1986, not so much.

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Multics -- Honeywell -- 1986 -- Man, does that ever take me back.

("Of course it does, dummy, that's where you met him!"

"Shut up, Loiosh.")

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