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In Memory of my dad

One of my strongest memories of my dad was the fact that he was a very serious and excellent bridge player. In 1939 when I was a year old (so I don't remember it) he was a member of the team of 4 who won the Vanderbilt Cup. It isa an annual event and is named after Harold Vanderbilt who is considered the inventor of modern contract bridge.

I used to be annoyed when my parents talked about bridge hands at the dinner table. I played bridge a bit - one day someone called me an idiot for making a critical mistake; I realized she was right so I stopped playing. And besides my father and his father both died at the age of 55 while playing bridge so not playing was a health precaution. My mother played bridge and her last game was two weeks before she died at the age of 92; the bridge club director told me that she was still playing well. I had her memorial service at her bridge club - approved by her. My father's funeral was traditional.

I have his copy of the cup at home.

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The cup is a splendid tribute to your father.

Very nice reflection. Thanks—JT

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