JWG (jwg) wrote,

An old memory about the Metropolitan Opera House

I just saw a FaceBook post by a friend about the demolition of the original Metropolitan Opera House.

I recall going to my first opera there and saw Carmen - probably about 1955. (The Opera House was torn down in 1966). Zinka Milanov was the Carmen. After the opera my piano teacher took me backstage to see her.

I wasn't absolutely sure that it was Milanov but I googled my piano teacher and found this: The Community Concert Association presents Zinka Milanov, prima donna soprano, Metropolitan Opera Association ; assisted by Richard Wilens at the piano : [programme]. So they clearly knew each other - and now I am sure it was Milanov. My piano teacher had given up concertizing because he said it was too nerve-racking.
Tags: music, nostalgia, opera
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