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The Multics Panel Session at MIT that I led in May

In late May (May 29, 2014) at the end of the Project MAC 50th anniversary celebration that I wrote about here, there was a Multics reunion with a bunch of technical talks. The last scheduled item was a Panel Session led by me with 4 distinguished members of the Multics team in the late 60s'/early 70's. It was filmed and the video is now available. This was a project / product and follow-on that I worked on from 1967- 1988.

Here is the Agenda for the Multics session.

This 65 minute video is pretty interesting - it's not very technical so non-geeks should have no problem following it. You get a good picture of this project and other related topics and the politics associated with such projects - also a lot of vignettes of the people who worked on it, some of whom have been important figures in the industry.

Click here for the video


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