JWG (jwg) wrote,

At the ER at Beth Israel

As some of you know I've been having some trouble walking. It started about 6 weeks ago. I started using a can - a nice looking one - late last week. MRI 2 weeks ago revealed spinal stenosis. I was referred to a spinal specialist and PT.The spinal specialist I saw yesterday recommended surgery and said if it got worse I should go to the ER. Today it seemed worse. So we showed up here at 4pm; it is midnight now. I am now awaiting more MRIs. The surgeon I saw a while ago seemed to think it might be neurological and surgery was not the answer. When I walked for him it actually seemed a bit better than this morning and Robert rscthought so, too. So we'll see what then next step is sometime tonight.

This a good hospital with a good reputation. And they do have access to my medical records at my HMO.

Lots of waiting - to be booked to taken to a room/bed - to be seen by various doctors and nurses - wait for food - wait for blood to be taken - wait for a glass of water, etc. now waiting for MRIs - they just collected the questionnaire. No metal, pacemakers, etc.

My several other trips to ERs were real emergencies so I got seen sooner. This ER is huge.

I sent Robert home - presumably, if I am not admitted I can stay here until the morning.
And to top it off we had tickets to the Red Sox / Cubs game. Sox lost. So it doesn't count against our records since we weren't there.

Typing is hard because I have a pulse monitor with a wire attached to my index finger.

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