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Latest medical status

I have been admitted to Beth-Israel. More MRIs on my entire back revealed a cyst at C7-L1 and other arthritic spinal issues. I've been seen, poked, and prodded by many doctors here. The plan is to do surgery on Friday to remove the cyst and on Saturday to fuse some neck vertebrae. Slight chance the Friday surgery will be on Thursday. The consensus is that it is the cyst that is causing the problem. Separate surgeries to avoid being under anesthesia for too long a period of time. And then a few days of recovery. Perhaps some lower back surgery in the future.

Not much pain, just extreme difficulty walking, and much frustration.

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I am sorry that you need this procedure...but I will remain hopeful that it will be successful and you'll be back to full mobility in a while. Sincere best wishes

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