JWG (jwg) wrote,

My health status and a bunch of details

My status and a bunch issues one encounters when in in some amount of disarray.
I'm getting slow steady improvement day after day is what I've been seeing. Right elbow and lower arm, right shoulder are the worst. Almost no pain here today from noon to 4 for example. But I still have weak coordination - I have to accompanied by some staff - mostly they are there for backup and training.

Push not pull, it's on the Side - well actually the side the front of that thing-ma-jig - thing-ma-jig is on the side of the table!

Then there are the little details of sequencing. They come in for refill of a partially filled jug and don't return for an hour so you are waterless.

The yank aural suction device on the side of my bed is noisy so it is normally off and quiet. I use it occasionally to pick up phlegm. The on-0ff switch button labels for controlling it are badly labeled. Therefore...

I could go on and on. And will try to collect more.
Tags: architecture, design, down to the details, science

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