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Current status

susandennis wondered how I was and I realize that although I have been posting sporadicly to FaceBook, I haven't posted here.

I remain in rehab; the target release date is Friday, the 25th. I don't know how accurate that is, and will probably find out more on Tuesday.

I continue to make progress slowly but surely.  I use a walker to get around. I have mild to occasionally severe pain in my middle back, right shoulder, and right forearm/elbow. Position, pain medication, heat or ice help. Over time the situation improves.

We just ordered a shower seat, a hand held shower hose/nozzle, a bar to mount on the tub edge, and a suction bar for the wall and 3 sets of handles to mount on the toilet (one for one of the bathrooms in Cambridge). These are all to make sure I can navigate the use of the bathroom safely. Hopefully I won't need them for long.

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Whew and yeah and thanks. I will now go find something else to worry about :)

It wouldn't be us if I didn't correct something: The target date is Friday, July 25.

John did some walking and stair-climbing later in the day -- looking much better than the last time I saw him walk (a few days ago).

Edited at 2014-07-21 12:48 am (UTC)

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