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Home Rehab

Progress is slow and steady. I started using a cane instead of the walker yesterday and that is a big improvement. And I barely need the cane but safety prevails. Today the PT guy came and agreed I don't need PT any more. After the neck brace is no longer needed there will be some neck PT as well as a device that stimulates bone growth. Appointment with the surgeon for that is three weeks away. I suspect after the visiting nurse comes tomorrow (I think it is tomorrow - they call in the morning) that will be her last visit.

annburlingham posted this pc in a FB comment today about my cane use. I'm not there yet.

I lost 18 pounds through this ordeal. I hope I don't gain must of it back because I'd like to remain thinner. My appetite is still smaller than it used to be - and I tire easily. Healing consumes lots of energy. I am doing more walking and just ordered a peddler (which I tried out with the PT guy who had one in his car) which will allow me to do peddling while sitting or put it on a table and get extra arm exercise.

Yesterday the OT person brought another shower caddie and now the shampoos, etc. are reachable from my shower seat. I managed my own shower today without Robert's help.

This was supposed to have been posted on Aug1, but although I put it on FaceBook I forgot to post it here.
Home Rehab
I've been home for a week. Much nicer than in hospital.

I still have a bit of occasional pain in my neck. It comes as a result usually from raising my arms. Ice on the bcd of my neck helps reduce/ eliminate the pain. Also there still is a bit of swelling there; making my neck brace a bit less tight helps reduce that.

I've had 3 visiting nurse visits, 2 Occupational Therapy visits and one Physical Therapy. All these people seem to agree I'm doing quite well and don't need much other than the passing of time. Today a trip into Cambridge to check in with my regular doctor.

In addition to walking with the walker I have an array of leg exercises that I do.

Had a much needed haircut on Wednesday.

I currently take Oxycontin twice a day and only occasional other pain meds. Last night I skipped the Oxycontin. I had trouble falling asleep (even though during the several hows before going to bed I had a hard time avoiding sleep while watching TV). But there wasn't amy pain. Tonight I think I'll try 1/2 the dose of Oxycontin. When things are normal I often have trouble falling asleep - melatonin usually works.; I took one after several hours of no sleep and it helped.

On Tuesday I went to JP with rsc; it was English Country Dance night - I watched and chatted with a bunch of people. This was the first time that when I saw bunch of people they weren't mostly hospital workers.
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