JWG (jwg) wrote,

JMW Turner at the Peabody Essex Musum

Today we went to the Peabody Essex Museum (in Salem, MA) to see the J M W Turner exhibit. It was a large collection of his marine oils and water colors. They are really fascinating. I wish a few of them (especially the watercolors) weren't framed with glass coverings because it hard to avoid the reflections. Some similarly themed pieces by his contemporaries were in the collection as well.

Apparently he was very competitive and as soon as he saw a painting by someone else in a style similar to his he would have to quickly out do it.

Most amazing was the statement that he left a portfolio of about 20,000 paintings, drawings ,and sketches - in 50 years that is 400 a year!

(The exhibit closes Sept 1.)

We wandered through some other parts of the museum - some make your own animals geared to children, but of course I did some, and some Native American and Chinese art.

Here is a teapot from the the Chinese section.
Tags: museums, the arts
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