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An absurd medical bill

In July I was taken from the hospital where my surgery was done to the hospital where my ReHab was to occur.

I just got a bill for the ambulance ride. I was kind out of it so I don't remember it - but I think there were 2 people - driver and attendant and I was lying on a bed.

The insurance company paid $362.65
I pay $50

The bill had two items with these values - then adjusted by the insurance company to meet the above total:
1 NonEmg Base Rate $1,646.39
17 Mileage $1,224.00

So they get 14% of what they originally billed.
And they charge $72 / mile

Another one of the absurdities of the US medical care system
I wonder if anyone ever pays the list price.

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The US healthcare system is the WORST of all the first world countries-in fact, it's behind some third world countries!

$72.00 a mile in an ambulance? My God that is horrible! I know of people who've lost their homes due to having to pay for ridiculous hospital bills.

England and Canada have much better healthcare than we do here.

The claws of greed have sunk their talons deeply into the US healthcare system.


First world medical care, third world healthcare system.

It is absurd how expensive all of this is!

In theory, when everyone has health insurance (at least in those states which have a grownup playing the role of Governor), the need for crazy overcharging should diminish, because charges like those are supposedly to help offset the folks who pay nothing. In practice, since we loves us some FREE MARKET so much that everything, even fucking HEALTHCARE, needs to make a profit, we will keep seeing this nonsense.

Believing that some aspects of our economy, like frakkin HEALTHCARE (and prisons, and grade school, among other things) should not be subject to the market & need to make a profit, does not make one a communist, or mean that one hates freedom. Believing that everything needs to turn a profit, on the other hand, leads to absurd situations like yours. There has to be some rational place between those two extremes, a completely out of control "free market" and the abolition of private property.

I better stop there, before I go off on a political rant (and require a totally different userpic).

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