JWG (jwg) wrote,

Scotland Independence

Next thursday, voters in Scotland get to vote on Independence. From what I've read the situation is fraught with problems to be resolved if the vote is positive - many economic problems with banks, currency, etc. For money they could stick to UK money, use Euros or coin their own. I like the idea of their own - and such a naming opportunity: I propose 100 Kilts = 1 BagPipe as their units. The paper money would be plaid of course with different plaids for the different denominations. - so maybe it should be 100 BagPipes = 1 Kilt?

And then on November 9, Catalonia may vote on the Independence - although the Spanish Government may not allow such a vote. The issue for the Spanish Government is that Catalonia is the most financially healthy part of Spain and thus it would have a serious economic effect on Spain. I read that among other things Spain could prevent Catalonia from joining the EU.

Maybe Catalonia and Scotland should form a union itself: Scotalonia? Think of Tapas bars with Kippers, Haggis, Srovis, Clootie Dumplings.

And now back to the regular news...
Tags: humor, travel

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