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My plants dilemma

When I first moved to my house in 1966, the mother of a friend came over a few times to help paint and cleanup. We had lots to do and to get it ready for in addition to being the place to live it was the location of my wedding reception. She brought a spider plant and a Swedish ivy.

Every year or two I make cuttings to create new plants and thus I still have descendants of these two plants.

I don't like them a whole lot; they are my only house plants. They migrate up to Gloucester every summer where they live outside on the porch and then back to Cambridge to live under grow lights.

I could just throw them in the compost pile but it seems like the wrong thing to do to destroy this legacy/tradition.


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Those are nice! I would have plants but my cat likes them a bit too much.. LOL!

Are you hoping to find someone to adopt? I don't need more house plants (I barely remember to water the ones on my kitchen windowsill, and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen), but I have a bunch of neighbors with green thumbs and I might be able to find some to continue the legacy. :)

I won't speak to whether you should throw them out (it's your decision and I'm not going to influence you for or against), but if you could throw them behind an <lm-cut> tag it'd not f*ck up my (and probably others') friends feed(s) so thoroughly.

sorry about that. I posted them form a LJ app that I'd never used on my iPad and didn't realize they were so huge.

Thank you for shrinking them!

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