JWG (jwg) wrote,

At Fenway Park last night

Last night we went to our next-to-last Red Sox game for the season.

We saw several "impossible" things.

I'm not counting as impossible the fact that the RedSox bats were lively and they scored 11 runs for an easy win. The game took 3 hours and 40 minutes (the Mariners-Jays game took one hour and 59 minutes). Our game could have taken longer. The first two innings were 55 minutes, and the second two were an hour and 5 minutes. At that rate it would have been 4 1/2 hours.

Impossible thing 1:
The Score Board said the Angels/Athletic score was 4 - 4 and the game was over. Baseball games can't end in a tie (well one All-Star game did). Once we went to a gamed that took 19 inning to break the tie - we had to walk home since the T had already stopped. Fortunately the Sox won so the long wait and the walk home was much pleasant than it could have been. Eventually the score on the board was corrected to 5 - 4; you'd think that someone would check things like this.

Impossible thing 2:
There was a wave and it went counter-clockwise. Waves in Fenway Park are always clockwise. They start in the Center Field Bleachers and go around clockwise - eventually crossing the Green Monster and back through the Bleachers. They often last about 3 rounds - usually stopped when some baseball event actually happens.

Last night's started in the left grandstand and went around 3 times. In the several hundred games I've attended I've seen attempts to start a counter clockwise wave from that spot; more frequently there are attempts to start waves in other portions of the ballpark but they never take. This was a first.
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