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What we did on Yom Kippur

As a non practicing - for my whole life - jewish boy, the various holidays have never meant anything special to me. But I do keep track of when they are and what they are about and today was Yom Kippur.

Today as it happens, our good friends Charles Morehead and JT Kittredge had a Relationship Blessing and Celebration of 21 Years Together ceremony. Family, friends, and church members were all there. The official act was a private Civil Marriage at Cambridge City Hall in August.

StJamesChurchThe ceremony took place in St James Episcopal Church in Cambridge. So there we were listening to some very nice readings, a sermon, and did some hymn singing. All of the text was about the really good points of Christianity (and makes me think of the contrast by these religious hate groups that interpret biblical stuff to justify hate). At the end, as part of the ceremony a number of people took Communion.

Then we went out into the garden to have refreshments. We got to chat with Charles' father who was a participant in the ceremony; it was nice to see this results of his transition to acceptance of their relationship.

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Twenty one years together is excellent!

Sounds like a really nice day!

How sweet and wonderful!

John, We were so glad that you and Robert joined us. When planning the service, I knew it was coming out *very* Christian, and that made me worried about how our non-Christian friends would feel about it. So I'm really gratified that your experience of it was positive.

It's great that you got a chance to talk to Charles David (Charles' father). He's a fundamentalist (Church of Christ) theologically, but he's really bent as far as he can to be accepting of his son and of me, and we honor that.

The first time that I met him in person (about twenty years ago), I had only spoken to him on the phone when he called for Charles. I thanked him for always treating me with respect. He said, "JT, you should never have to thank someone for treating you like a human being." The relationship between the two of us has continued in that vein of mutual respect in the years since.

All in all, it was a wonderful celebration for us, and we're grateful for all who participated.
Yours, Uncle Gleban (JT)

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