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Us May 09

A most splendid weekend

Last weekend was LCFD Gender Free Dance Camp where we Contra dance, English Country dance, eat, schmooze, reminisce and have a great time with 100+ people at a YMCA Camp in Western Massachusetts.

It happened to be my birthday on Sunday and this was a great way to celebrate it.

This was the 25th Anniversary camp so there was lots of reminiscing and a special session to discuss the past and the future. Now we have two camps each year. This was my 35th consecutive dance camp! It's always so much fun. We get to see people that we dance with regularly at local dances and others who we just see at dance camp. I love the feeling at the first dance on Friday night as you progress down the line encountering all the smiling faces.

Below is a video of people dancing Chorus Jig - a classic Contra dance that is lots of fun.

Our Queen Mum, Chris Ricciotti, started the first one in August of 1989 a year after he started the first gender free dance in Jamaica Plain. For this camp he was the Contra Dance caller, the main program planner, and a lot of other things. Amazing that he sttll has the creativity and energy after all these years.

We have a Variety Show on Saturday night. I always perform; most recently I perform as Doctor Professor who gives a "scientific" explanation of something very important. This time I reviewed my findings of events from 2,500 years ago when Christos Ricciopolis who was inspired by plans for the Parthenon invented contra dancing.

I'm part of the organizing committee (treasurer - so my work isn't done) and I had a bit of sound system duties so in addition to the enjoyment of it all I do view it from an organizational prospective.

The next camp is May 1-3 at a YMCA camp in Northeastern CT. And there is Queer Dance Camp in Aptos, CA on April 10-12 to which we are going. A number of years ago some of the people who lived in NYC and who went to these camps started a gender free dance in NYC (still ongoing), and then they moved to San Francisco and started a dance there; several years later they started the weekend camp.

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Happy birthday again!

I can't tell you how happy it made me to watch the video, seeing happy dancing people, even on a computer that doesn't have sound.

Sounds like lots of fun!

I wondered what LCFD stood for, since it didn't match any initialism I knew, so I followed the link (and found that there was no reason I should have expected to know it)... and then followed the link from there to their Trans Ally 101 page (as I think of myself as an ally, and always can use more education on the effort)... and read that all the way down, particularly enjoying of course the discussion of pronouns, and especially the small-print last ¶, which is about my preferred neutral pronoun when not referring to someone with a different preference:
Yes, we’ve used ‘they’ as a singular pronoun a lot in this flyer.
  • “God send every one their heart’s desire!”—Much Ado About Nothing.
  • “. . . each of them was busy in arranging their particular concerns . . .”—Sense and Sensibility.
  • “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes”—Lady Windermere’s Fan.
  • “Let nothing be done through strife, or vainglory, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.”—Philippians 2:3.
If it’s good enough for Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, and God . . . .

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