JWG (jwg) wrote,

My harpsichord

In ~1970 I built a harpsichord from a Zuckermann Kit (no, not that Zuckerman).

It was fun to build. I never quite finished the outer case but it was quite playable. It sat on a table - I didn't make a stand. I had lots of trouble with the plectra. They were leather and required lots of trimming and treatment with some hardening substance to make them work. At some point I replaced them with plastic ones which were much easier to deal with.

For a while next to the harpsichord there was a Model 37 Teletype connected via a dedicated telephone line to our switchboard in the Tech Square office so that I could log in into Multics and do work, send email, etc. Once I was at a party and I was chatting to someone and told him about these two devices and he said: I know of someone else who has the same things. A bit more discussion and we determined the someone else was me.

In ~2001, after not playing it for about 10 years I gave it away. I have no idea about what happened to it. By then the Model 37 teletype had been replaced several times by more modern devices. (I notice in this picture below the Scrabble box is a computer keyboard.)
Tags: music, nostalgia, personal, technology

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