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After a long engagement....

Sometime within the next 60 days:

Marriage License

That's awesome. Have you picked out your gowns yet?

Yay! Congrats to you both! :)

Great news! Where are you registered?

ABout bloody time.

Do you now have to be married in Cambridge, BTW? Cuz else I'd suggest that at some point during the July 4th cookout we take a break from burgers and have you get married in your Gloucester back yard, after which my nap on your beanbag couch can continue.

I'll bring the ice cream.

Woo Hoo! Two bachelor parties!

Does that mean we have to hit the strip clubs *twice*?

Congratulations from me too!

Very wonderful! I love seeing that.

I couldn't decide whether to post "woohoo!" or "about bloody time..." myself :-)

Split the difference: "About bloody woohoo!"

Best wishes for many more happy years together.


Ernie and I are thinking of tying the knot when we're in Ptown for bear week....

Hope to meet you in Ptown. Hopefully we'll get to meets lots of LJers there. I'll be the guy with the goatee

Congratulations to you both!

Woo-hoo! Congratulations!