JWG (jwg) wrote,

The 12 Days of Christmas - what it costs

There was an amusing article in the Boston Globe today (from the NY Times) about the price for buying all the stuff in the carol: The 12 days of Christmas. $27,632.22 this year- up by only $280 from last year.

The best bargain was the 8 milking maids: $58 - they get Federal minimum wage which is $7.50/hour. At the other extreme the 7 swans-a-swimming were $7,000 (hard to believe the number). 9 ladies dancing were $7,552.84.

It said if you shopped on-line it would cost $42,959.07 - shipping some of the large and sometimes squawky and squirmy items is expensive.

Hmm: at Amazon these swans-a-swimming were only $6.79 with free shipping. They had some more expensive ones, but none near $1,000.
Tags: humor

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