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moi 1946


When I was about 5 years old and we were in our summer house in Deal, NJ a burglar showed up in my parents room in the middle of the night. Shouts from my father and he ran away. They decided we should have a dog. (Temporarily we had a night watchman.)

A Welsh Terrier was chosen. I wanted to name him Dewey, but my mother would have nothing of that so he was named Huey - certainly not Louie.

The first two pictures are from our summer house in Stormville NY (several years later) -one with a cat who adopted us - and annoyed Huey by sprawling on his chair; and one with me in NYC.

He was a very friendly dog. He would have been a terrible watchdog; although if the would-be burglar rang the door bell he would have barked a lot, since he always did that.

Huey HueyandCat

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Cute photos.

When were they taken?

I think the photos without me were in ~1952 and and the one with me in about 1950 but that is a complete guess. I think the burglary incident was in 1946 so I was closer to 8. My mind is not clear about the easy dates and various summer places.

Did your mother object to Dewey because of the political reference? The politician? The final photo appears to be deteriorating a bit. It's good you've converted the photos to digital.

My mother was pro-Truman, my father was pro-Dewey. They agreed not to discuss the matter during the 1948 election season.

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