JWG (jwg) wrote,

The baseball (and Mahler) part of our west coast trip

When we planned our west coast trip the timing was due to the Red Sox on their Interleague road trip playing the Colorado Rockies in Coors Field and the Giants in what was recently renamed SBC park. We bought the Rockies tickets from their web site on the first day of public sales. The Giants game sold out in the first 20 minutes while I was in a Virtual waiting room. So we overpaid for tickets on ebay. These seats were almost directly behind home plate and way up at the top so you could see the whole field and over the park into the bay.

SBC Park

It is a a very nice field - too bad that the Sox lost the game but we had a good time. There are no such high seats in Fenway Park so this was a unique experience.

Interestingly enough, the night before we went to Davies Hall where Michael Tilson-Thomas and the SanFrancisco Symphony were doing Mahler's 2nd. Our seats were way up high in about the same place. Also the chorus was seated in the bleachers behind and above the orchestra - a rare occurance in a concert hall. It was quite a concert and marked the second instance of this piece for us this year since we also saw it in Symphony Hall conducted by Benjamin Zander leading Boston Philharmonic. What an incredible piece of music to hear live. MTT is making a recording - but how can you duplicate the feeling of a huge concert hall filled with sound?

As it turns out we had some time to kill so we went back to SBC on Sunday and bought some really good seats at Field level just beyond first base from a scalper. It was a nice contrast to see the game from this location. The Sox lost that game too as they did at the Coors field game we went to. 0-3 is our away record - I think our home record is 3-2; not too good.

Pictures from the train trip and other places we be done later - stay tuned.

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