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Computer Names

I have been naming my computers after Renaissance or Medieval composers for years. I am about to need two names since a new MacBook Air is on the way to replace my too heavy, too slow MacBook Pro and will I get a new iMac - 27in screen.

My current iMac (2010) is Gesualdo da Venosa; Robert's iMac (2007) is Clemens non Papa; my MacBook Pro (2009) is Ludovicus Episcopius; my iPad is Pierre de la Rue.

I'm thinking: Josquin des Prez and Guillaume Dufay.I don';t object to reuse and now I am using full names and not just last names.

Computers to be discarded:

Ockeghem is on the floor - it is a very old PowerPC Mac with 9.1 on it; I just tried to boot it up but something is wrong - doesn't see the screen.

Obrecht is a dual CPU PowerPC G3 (2003) Mac running of 10.2.8. It doesn't do WiFi WPA2 which is what my router does and there is no ethernet where it is so it is useless.

delaRue is a PowerBook G4 (2002) running 10.3.2.

In the past I have had computers named Machaut, Dufay, and Josquin (a Windows machine), Lassus, and Palestrina.

I have three old laptops in a closet - 2 Windows un-named and one Mac which was also delaRue.

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I'm going to miss Ludovicus Episcopius, if only because I liked calling it "Louie the Bishop".

You could branch out into Spanish composers -- Victoria? Morales?

Let's hope your new MAC computers are deserving of the names you give them!:)

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