JWG (jwg) wrote,

What ever happened to a better mouse trap?

We've been having mice. Usually they disappear once the weather warms up, but they haven't this time. So rsc bought a pair of Tom Cat brand conventional mouse traps at the super market the other day. Before setting them up I decided to test one. The spring was messed up so when it was triggered it only went half way. I tried the other one and the little staple holding the mechanism pulled out. So I then bought another pair - this time Enforcer brand traps. I tested them and they were fine. I put on peanut butter and set them. The next morning they were still set and the peanut butter was gone. Robert said "maybe the ants ate the bait". So I put on little hunks of cheese. Several hours later I checked the traps and the cheese was gone. We have smart mice. So I rebaited them and hooked the cheese under a little thingee on the trap. A few minutes later from upstairs I heard the trap snap. The next morning I disposed of the dead mouse and noticed that the other trap was still set and empty. I rebaited it again in the morning and as of dinner time it was still there. I checked after the Red Sox won (although the local thunder storm knocked out the NESN signal and by the time we went to the radio Bill Mueller had hit the game winning double) and the cheese was gone. I just rebaited it again.

No, I don't want a cat!

Garfield: July 2, 2004
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